Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Home Organization---Bathroom Closet

Recently, I organized the bathroom closet.  Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the before picture.  Otherwise it would be really cool to show a "before and after" comparison.

Lately I am really into organization projects.  Mine next one will be the home office.  Stay tuned for that.

Since I don't have the "before" picture, let me show you the "after".

I bought these containers mainly from Dollar Tree and Target.  I probably spent a total of $6 (excluding the white box from Ikea, and the 3 drawer storage box from Walmart which I bought long time ago).

On the top shelf: I have feminie care products, Q-tips and etc.

Second shelf (from the top): This is where I store my makeups.  I have 3 heart-shaped glass containers, one for eye shadows, one for contact lens, and one for random stuff. 

The container in the middle is used to store mascara, eyeliner pencil, and brow pencil.

Third shelf (from the top):  This is where I store body and hair products and I use the 3 drawers storage bin to store hair accessories. 

Because I don't have a lot of body and hair products, I just piled them all into one storage bin.  If you have a lot, you could have one for each and label them accordingly. 

On the bottom shelf: The large white box is used to store pajamas, and the yellow bin is used to store hair dryer and curler.

So far I love this storing system.  If you want to, you could also label each bin so you know exactly what is inside. I will continue to use this system.  If I ever change things around, I will post the update. 

After all, organizing is about trial and error.  You want to find the most efficient and comfortable system that suits your lifestyle.

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