Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Home Organization---How to Organize your brush. ( Ideal vs. Reality)

I saw this really cool idea to store make-up brushes on youtube.  I was so eager to try. My attempted to recreate the look FAILED.

I bought this glass jar from Home Goods and decorated it with ribbon and flower pin to make it more fun and creative.

Then I filled the jar with glass beads to help make-up brushes stand up and stay in place. I love the lid, it was such a nice way to keep the brushes easy to find and dust free.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out.  The glass jar was not tall enough.  Once you put the lid on, the brushes were pushed against the glass.

 I guess I will stick with my original system, glass container without lid filled with clear beads to keep my brushes organized.

If you could find a glass jar taller than this and if you don't mind having a large jar sitting on your bathroom countertop,  you should give it a try.

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